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What is PIM?

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- Passive Intermodulation (PIM) is a form of signal distortion that occurs whenever signals at two or more frequencies conduct simultaneously in a passive device (electromechanical switch) which contains some non-linear response. This interference phenonomenon is attributable to many sources such as dissimilar metals, dirty interconnects, or other anodic effects. PIM us of particular concern whenever:

-Two or more transmitter channels share a common antenna.

-Transmitter signal levels are high.

-Receiver sensitivity is high.

-Transmitters and receivers share a common antenna.

-Two or more base station tranceivers are at a single site.

Charter Engineering, Inc. recognizes the need to achieve low  PIM levels and offers specially designed electromechanical switches to meet low intermodulation requirements.

PIM measurements will vary depending upon carrier frequencies, power level, and PIM frequency. Charter Engineering, Inc. has certified the product line to meet the following criteria:

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3rd order Intermodulation @ approximately 43.0 dBm
  Carrier Frequency 1  Carrier Frequency 2 PIM Frequency PIM level (dBc)
Low IM 869 MHz  891 MHz 847 MHz -110 dBc min.
Ultra Low IM 869 MHz  891 MHz 847 MHz -130 dBc min.
1930 MHz 1990 MHz 1870 MHz -160 dBc min.

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